Yerilla Fine Jewellery

"Blooming heck, I am absolutely speechless! The website looks beyond incredible. I’ll recover for a bit then I’ll be back with a bit of sense, but at the moment, I’m in total shock!"

John Wibberley, Director & Founder

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Yerilla® is a family-owned jewellery company located in the harsh, arid West Australian outback on the fringe of the Great Victorian Desert.

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Yerilla ethically and responsibly source and extract AAA+ quality Chrysoprase, also known as Australian jade, from the gemstone deposits of Western Australia.

The process of sourcing Chrysoprase is slow and predominantly done by hand due to the fragile and precious nature of the gemstone. They work closely with the Traditional Owners of the Land, the Wongatha People of the Eastern Goldfields region to preserve the gemstone environment for future generations.

Creative Journey

John came to me full of enthusiasm and passion and a desire to launch his collection online and create a Shopify ecommerce website designed to cater for customers worldwide. Together we created an experience that takes customers by the hand, walks them through the entire Yerilla range. A great retail experience from the beginning of the customer journey right to the end.

Photography for this project is by the talented team at Sum Effect Photography.

Yerilla on a smart phone