"I came to Orla with a website that I thought ticked all the boxes for an ecommerce store. It wasn’t until I started working with her that I realised all the potential that I was missing out on with my online presence. She created a strategy for me that is a holistic approach to selling online and takes into consideration my customers journey. Whether they come to my website from facebook, instagram or my email newsletters."

Simone Nabholz, Director and Lead Creative

Simone Nabholz, Director & Lead Creative

Since Orla has been working on my digital strategy and design, my workflow is much better, my systems integrate seamlessly and it’s reduced my admin by automating things I used to do manually.

Creative Journey

Simone wanted an integrated digital solution for her business. Together we reviewed her digital presence online and her touch points with her customers. We workshopped the ideal customer journey and mapped out how her website, social media and digital marketing would work together. We also looked at her internal business systems and to see how we could streamline those so that she can spend more time working with clay and with her clients.


Simone is a business minded creative based in the Stackwood studios just outside Fremantle town centre. Simone had a successful career as a graphic designer but she left her busy schedule behind to pursue and embrace a slower pace of life. Her creative pursuits in ceramics and exploring mindfulness soon developed into as business as she found others shared her dream of slowing down and being grounded.