Treading My Own Path

"Orla is a dream to work with. Very professional and a great designer, equally happy to provide her ideas or work with my suggestions. I never felt I had to compromise: there were plenty of times where I wanted a specific feature or design element and was expecting the answer to be no, and it was almost always yes. I was really pleased with the final website, and will definitely use Orla again for future projects."

Lindsay Miles, zero waste educator, speaker and author

Treading My Own Path website on a smart phone

Lindsay Miles, zero waste educator, speaker and author

"Orla explains everything really well and I was confident I had the training to make tweaks and changes as required once the project was completed."


Lindsay is kind of a big deal in the zero waste community however she'd never admit that herself. She's many feathers in her cap: published author, thought-leader and motivational speaker.

Creative Journey

This was a big project for both of us to take on. Lindsay has years worth of blog posts and content on her old site as well as an excellent SEO ranking. However her site needed to be redesigned and organised to make it easier for her users to find content. A new framework for her site was developed that categorised all her writing and also several new pages that highlighted Lindsay's talents.

Orla holding a iPad with Lindsay's site on it