Disability Theatre

"Working with Orla was easy despite our not having met and operating remotely from each other. Not being really technically minded I was worried that the design process might be harder that way but I was quickly put at ease by Orla's professionalism."

Iris Koornstra, Secretary 

Smartphone with a screen showing the website

Iris Koornstra, Secretary

"Our migration from one platform to another went smoothly with Orla providing above and beyond of her time in walking us through some of the technicalities of the change as well as providing training at the end."


Sensorium creates custom sensory theatre experiences for children living with disability. Their audiences can see, hear, smell, touch and taste the story as it unfolds around them. Their productions are Australia’s only company making live shows specifically designed for young audiences with disabilities.

Creative Journey

Sensorium came to me looking for an easier way to maintain and update their website as well monitor and track donations coming through the organisation. It was also important to them that their site was accessible to all users, which meant analysing the design and underlying code to see how it could be made (WCAG) 2.0 compliant.


  • I created a WCAG 2.0 Level AA friendly website that improves access for people with disability. This includes a screen-reader compliant site and correctly labelled buttons and input fields.
  • The site was converted to WordPress content management system (CMS) so the staff can manage and update the content themselves as well a create Google friendly titles and descriptions.
  • A donation portal was added to the website. From the user side it's a simple form where that takes secure payment. While in the backend it processes the payment, adds the user to a campaign donations list in customer relationship management (CRM) software. Receipts are triggered on payment as well as at the end of the financial year for tax purposes. The user can opt in to Sensorium's email marketing and these lists are segmented to keep track of the different types of donors and users that interact with the site.
A whiteboard showing the donation system
Orla working on the Sensorium theatre website