Branding & Web Design Package for Artists & Makers

Connect people to your work, build brand loyalty and sell more of what you create.

The way creatives make a living has changed

It's not enough to be a talented and good at what you do you need to think of yourself as a small business owner. Running a business involves marketing and sharing what you do.

Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, DeviantArt, Behance, Saatchi Online, RedBubble, Etsy, Tumblr are not enough…

These are great for sharing your work and should complement your marketing strategy to drive traffic to your own website, not be a substitute for it.

The most effective way to connect with customers is, still, is through email and you need a website to collect emails.

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The Creative Starter Package

I've created a package for artists and makers that's affordable and perfect if you want to define who you are and start building your online brand.


Logo Design

  • Simple typographic logo design
  • Brand colour palette
  • Font pairings
  • Brand style guide
  • Suite of logo files for your website, email signature, social media profile accounts plus print ready file formats

Web Design

  • Squarespace template website design using your new logo, fonts and colours. 
  • Website styled and built using your new brand assets.
  • Newsletter sign-up form, you will need a Mailchimp (free) account for this.
  • Google Analytics - track your website performance.
  • Responsive design. This means your site will look great on any device and fluidly fit all screens e.g. desktop, laptop, tablets and smartphones.
  • Contact form
  • Personalised training videos

A budget-friendly brand and web design process that will get you online and looking as good as the work your produce.

  • A new personal brand - become more appealing to buyers and galleries.
  • User friendly website - Squarespace is the perfect starter platform it will allow you to make changes to your site and create new pages.
  • Responsive - Be where your customers are browsing, your website will look beautiful and function perfectly on every device.
  • SEO Ready - Put your best face forward for Google. Add descriptions, page titles, add keywords and track analytics.
  • A powerful tool - Your website will allow you to market yourself professionally to galleries and publications
  • Email Marketing - Integrate your newsletter and collect emails to grow your email list.

A Macbook, 4K dispay and smart phone
A website that performs perfectly on any device.

"Art is so much more a part of peoples’ lives today. The arena, the dealers, the art fairs, institutions competing for art and art patrons, has put a spotlight on the topic of branding and artists. It’s a business, whether people want to see it that way or not."

Sue Hostetler, Editor in Chief of Art Basel Miami Beach Magazine

My Process

The way you feel about your work is the way I feel about my process, passionate and confident. Working together will involve a little coaching, lots of communication and a big transformation. Together we'll create you a cohesive digital brand that you'll love and get you noticed.


We get to know each other and I'll ask you lots of questions to find out what makes you and your business tick. We'll establish your goals and create a roadmap for your brand and website.

Brand Design

We'll look at competitors and create a moodboard to narrow down the style of your new brand. I use the one concept approach where I exploring a variety of directions at the moodboard stage then narrow down to your brand solution.

Your concept will be presented and I’ll talk you through all my rationale.

Web Design

Your brand will be used as the foundation for designing your website. I apply and adapt your design to create your Squarespace website editing as we go. A typical site will follow this structure: Home, About, Services/Work & Contact.

Content & Training

I’ll create video tutorials on how to edit and manage your site. Then you'll have them on hand to learn how to edit and manage your website.


I’ll design your business card and social media assets and create a folder with all your branding elements. You'll have the opportunity to review your new website before it goes live and we'll set a launch day.

Some FAQs

How long will it take to create my brand and website?

The design process typically takes 3-6 weeks. This timeframes varies depending on content preparation (copy and photography) and timeliness of communication.

Why do you use Squarespace?

Squarespace is a great and affordable option and it's the easiest of all CMS (content management systems)to manage. If you have no experience with websites this system has a really easy learning curve and perfect for emerging entrepreneurs.

WordPress is the platform I recommend for clients that have some experience with a content management system and with more complex functionality requirements. If you feel this is you no worries let's talk

Shopify is ideal for business that want to make online sales the core of their business. This is perfect for power-sellers with bigger inventories. 

If you're still not sure what CMS is right for you I can advise based on your business plan.

Bear in mind that working with WordPress and Shopify will require a bigger investment. 

What payment options do you offer?

50% deposit is due at the time you book your project.

50% of the remaining total will be due once your website is built and your training videos are ready.

What do I need to get started?

You will need some professional photos, if you don't have any photos of your work I strongly suggest you make this a priority as this is what will connect customers with you and your work.

Remember customers and clients want to know you and your story and make a connection to your brand. 

You'll also need to plan some time to write your website copy. Many people find it changeling to put down in words and explain what they do. I'll give you some pointers as we go and if you find that you don't have the time or capacity we can get a copywriter to help.

Carola from The Write Business has decades of experience working with creatives and she will transform your website copy.

Are there any additional costs?

Yes, but they are small... you will need to factor in the monthly cost of Squarespace into your budget. The basic plan will cost $16 per month. 

Other additional costs can be licenses for fonts these typically can be between $10 - $150. 

Some clients require stock photography and images can be free or up to $50.

How far in advance should I book?

Usually 2-3 months in advance is a good timeframe as it takes 3 -6 weeks to complete the design process. 

If you need branding and website in a hurry, for example to coincide with an opening or exhibition no worries. Get in touch and we'll workout a plan with a tight timeframe. An additional fee will apply to cover working and availability outside normal working hours.

How do we work together?

100% of my work is done remotely, that means we'll have our meetings on Whatsapp, Zoom or FaceTime. Similar to face-to-face meeting we'll schedule times convenient to us both and around a pre-planned timeline.

If you're unsure about working remotely together that's OK! I'll take the reins and guide you through the process.

Illustration of a woman at a desk painting

Kind words from happy clients

Kate Wilkinson

Before Orla created my beautiful website I was struggling with an off-the-shelf template that didn't represent my values, communicated my expertise or effectively sold my services.

What I've come to realise is the incredible value a custom-designed, well-built website provides. As the central base for all of my online and offline activities, my website is quite literally a the core of my business' success – selling my products, capturing leads and booking out my services 24/7.

Kate WilkinsonKate Wilkinson - Founder Kate Wilkinson Creative

Kristin Magrit

You have been a joy to work with, going more than the extra mile to meet some pretty crazy deadlines. You actually ‘get’ the ‘thoughtful’ brand story and all that entails and responded to that with a website design with great functionality and design work which tells that story without using words.

Orla I am super happy with our collaboration ! Exactly what I was after. Thank you so much.

A portrait of Kristin MagritKristin Magrit - Costume and knitwear designer

Simone Nabholz

I came to Orla with a website that I thought ticked all the boxes for an ecommerce store. It wasn’t until I started working with her that I realised all the potential that I was missing out on with my online presence. She created a strategy for me that is a holistic approach to selling online and takes into consideration my customers journey. Whether they come to my website from facebook, instagram or my email newsletters.

Since Orla has been working on my digital strategy and design, my workflow is much better, my systems integrate seamlessly and it’s reduced my admin by automating things I used to do manually.

Simone Nabholz - Director & Lead Creative at Winterwares Ceramics

Let's get started!

If your interested in working together (or just want some free advice) book a consultation with me. My calendar is below so pick a time that suits you... or send me an email with any questions you might have.

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