Investor Relations Design

I help startups craft credible brands that impress investors and accelerate funding

Nailing your branding and presentation materials is crucial. It's really common for growing businesses to outpace their branding materials. When you're focused on the product, it's easy to overlook creating a solid brand that falls short when you come to creating pitch decks, one-pagers, and other collateral that looks as polished as your offerings. I partner with you to craft investor-ready profiles that capture attention and showcase your vision.

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Distilling your startup's story

I take a thoughtful approach to distilling your story into compelling and credible materials. My goal is to create designs that instil confidence in investors and help unlock key funding for your next growth phase.

I'd love to learn more about your startup and discuss how we can work together to make an amazing first impression.

What can I help you with?

  • Brand audit to identify current collateral gaps and areas for improvement
  • Visually stunning yet readable presentation design
  • Infographics that clearly communicate complex data
  • Collateral overhaul to align with your startup's matured identity
  • An elevated brand narrative tailored to your target investors

If your brand feels stagnant or disjointed, I can provide an objective audit of where your brand is today and where it needs to go tomorrow. My strategic and thoughtful approach will establish a strong brand foundation primed for longevity and growth.

What I can help you with

Visual Identity

  • Comprehensive brand audit evaluating your current identity and materials. I provide an objective expert analysis on what's working and areas for improvement.
  • Already have the beginnings of a brand? I can build on your current visual assets and development them into a full corporate identity.
  • Starting from scratch? I can create you an identity that feels polished, established, and instills confidence in your startup.
  • Cohesive brand guidelines including typography, color palette, graphic elements, tonality, and more to align your identity across all materials.
  • Visual systems that express your positioning and can scale across digital and print collateral.

Presentation Design

  • Professionally designed investor pitch deck visuals that leave a lasting impression and get your foot in the door.
  • Infographics to succinctly and clearly communicate data, traction, product benefits, and market potential.
  • Crafting your story arc to take investors along your startup's journey in a compelling way.

Collateral Design

  • One-pagers, capability brochures and other collateral tailored to resonate with VCs.
  • Properly formatted and designed documents like financial models, market research reports, product specifications, etc.
  • Printed materials for in-person meetings.