Artisan Brand Coaching

The intersection of craft and connection

I specialise in helping talented artisans and craftspeople shape powerful personal brands that attract their ideal audience. Whether you create jewellery, ceramics, textiles, glasswork, furniture, or any other handmade wares, a thoughtful brand is essential to getting your creations into the hands of customers who will appreciate them.

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My artisan brand coaching process includes:

Discovery & Strategic Planning

  • In-depth discussions to uncover your background, inspirations, creative vision, and ambitions. This lays the groundwork for an authentic brand.
  • Competitor analysis to identify how your work is differentiated and what makes your creative point of view unique.
  • Goal setting to determine what success looks like and how we can point you in the right direction - whether that's getting into more galleries, selling online, or building custom commissions.

Brand Identity & Messaging

  • Creative direction to pinpoint the heart of your brand and develop a style guide that visually expresses it across mediums.
  • Crafting your origin story and key brand messaging in your unique voice.
  • Written content including website copy, social media profiles and other assets that engage clients.

Implementation & Amplification

  • Applying your brand on business cards and other items.
  • Building out branded digital presences like your website, online store, and social media.