What’s keeping me busy these days?

September is going to be a big month for me. After many years of travelling back and fourth to Europe I'm finally doing something that's been a dream of mine for a long time. I'm taking the train... the trans Siberian to be exact. I'm starting my journey in Hong Kong and going overland to Moscow via Mongolia. Then on to London, France and final destination Mallorca. I've been planning this for six months and I've had to change plans and learn to go with the flow.

Recently I’ve been working on projects with a new craft distillery, a boat maker a fashion designer and a sustainable living expert.

I’m teaching small businesses the importance of content marketing and how to make the most of their social media. This is making me really happy as they’re seeing real results with more sales. I’m also really enjoying my community of pocket friends on Instagram.

Sitting on the bed with Elroy my kelpie reading

What's keeping me entertained?

Reading the La Belle Sauvage.

Listening to Getting Curious podcast.

Watching Fortitude.

Learning about Modern Art & Ideas from MoMA, Instagram Skills from Beth Kirby, I’ve just completed a photography workshop with Bo Wong also… estoy aprendiendo español.

Updated on the 13th August 2019