What’s keeping me busy these days?

It's been an exciting time for me recently. After many years of travelling back and fourth to Europe I finally did something that's been a dream of mine for a long time... travelling overland to Europe from Australia. I started my journey in Hong Kong and took the Trans-Siberian train through China, Mongolia and Russia. From Moscow I went to London, France and final destination Mallorca. It was an amazing adventure... I posted some snippets in my Instagram stories "Slow Travel" if you want to know what three weeks on a train looks like.

I'm working from Spain at the moment and I'm currently working with a craft distillery, a boat maker, a sustainable fashion designer and a zero waste expert.

Sitting on the bed with Elroy my kelpie reading

What's keeping me entertained?

Reading Call Me by Your Name.

Listening to Duolingo Spanish Podcast podcast.

Watching Living with Yourself.

Learning about Modern Art & Ideas from MoMA and Spanish!

Updated on Wednesday, 8th January 2020