What’s keeping me busy these days?

I'm working from Spain at the moment and like everyone else I'm adjusting to life at home. In some ways the transition has been easier as I already work remotely. I'm always happy to give advice if you have any questions about tools or processes just ask.

How did I end up in Spain in the middle of a pandemic?

After many years of travelling back and fourth to Europe I finally did something that's been a dream of mine for a long time... travelling overland to Europe from Australia. I started my journey in Hong Kong and took the Trans-Siberian train through China, Mongolia and Russia. From Moscow I went to London, France and final destination Mallorca. It was an amazing adventure... I posted some snippets in my Instagram stories "Slow Travel" if you want to know what three weeks on a train looks like.

For the time being I'm staying home and keeping safe.

Bottle your brilliance
Sitting on the bed with Elroy my kelpie reading

What's keeping me entertained?

Reading... The Secret History. I was a tennager the last time I read this.

Listening... to Duolingo Spanish Podcast podcast.

Watching... Living with Yourself.

Learning.. Spanish! I have a few words now and I've earned my A1 certificate... I'm currently studying level A2 remotely with the rest of my class.

Updated on Monday, 25th May 2020