My Favourite Tools for Working from Home

Reading time: 2 minutes

Working remotely is something that I’ve been doing for a long time so I’ve compiled a list of my favourite tools that help me do what I do simply and efficiently.


1. Almost a database… but easy to use

This a great one for organising your social media across different platforms. You can add attachments, copy, checkboxes, links and share and collaborate in the same working space.


2. You’ve heard about this app by now…

Record your calls for reference, great if you want to pass on a link if someone misses a session. You maintain control as you invite people to your virtual rooms. Also great for hanging out with a group of friends.


3. You talk faster than you type.

If you’ve worked with me you know I’m low key obsessed with this tool. Handy when you want to explain something. It records your voice and screen and the free plan is really generous with its features.


4. Cloud-based Admin

I love the simplicity of Gmail and Google Docs. The latter is so great for collaborating on projects. I use Google Drive for remote access to all my files. They stay in one secure place while I move around.

5. A picture is worth a thousand words.

We all need a laugh.
You can also submit and create your own branded stickers for Instagram stories through Giphy.


6. This might be an obvious one, but it’s really powerful.

I use Notes for everything from writing down ideas for content to managing todos. I can pick up the notes on my iPad or computer and share them, arrange into folders, collaborate, pin important ones, reminders etc.

Working from home? Here’s 6 tools that will help your productivity.