How to add your business to Google Maps

It’s simpler than you think and it’s something that you should prioritise so you can be found on Google Search and Maps.

Illustration of a hand holding a magnifying glass over a map

Google My Business is a tool that lets you manage how your business appears on Google Search and Maps. It contains useful info for your customers like…

  • business name
  • location
  • hours of operation
  • customer reviews
  • photos
  • and much more (Google is constantly adding new features).

Is it free?

Yes it’s 100% free. However Google requires that you must make in-person contact with customers during your stated business hours. So if you operate 100% online My Business is not for you.

How to add your business to Google Maps

Create a ‘My Business’ listing

You will need to create a Google Account. Use an email associated with your business for this as you can use this account for other Google services like Analytics, YouTube and AdWords.

For example if your website is you might use

Don’t worry if you do not have an email with your business name you can also use your Gmail, Hotmail etc. email addresses.

Go to to start the process. You’ll need info like phone number, business address, opening hours.

In my example below you’ll see that I’m creating a new listing for my fictional store Soda Pop Shop, in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Verify Your Business

Once you have completed all your info Google will want to verify that you are a real business. For small businesses this is completed by either

  • phone call
  • mail (yes snail mail)

Phone Call

Google allows some businesses verify their location by phone. If this is you see a “Verify by phone” option. Then enter the verification code from the text you receive.


This is the most popular option for business verification. Select “Mail” make sure your details are correct and the postcard should reach you in five days. When you get the postcard log into Google My Business select Verify Now and in the Code field, enter the five-digit verification code on your postcard. Click “Submit.”

Two things to note while you wait for the postcard:

  1. While you are waiting for your postcard to arrive do not change any of your business info (if necessary you can edit this after).
  2. If your postcard does not arrive, don’t worry you can request another one and another postcard will be sent to you.


Google My Business is essential for bricks and mortar businesses as you can manage how your business appears on Google Search and Maps.

Sign up for a free Google account and create a listing by visiting: