About You

You’re a creative at heart and you live and breathe your business.

So far you’ve taken the DIY route; it’s been working great and now you’re ready to grow... but you’re stuck. You’re feeling a bit at sea because frankly there are a lot of things that you could spend money on. You're not sure what’s the best thing for your business.

You’re ready to bottle your brilliance and get your ideas out into the world.

Bottle your brilliance
A picture of me sitting on a chair reading surrounded by some books that I love

We all need someone to reflect our brilliance to back to us.

When you’re too close to something, you just can’t see it. You’re inside the cookie jar and you can’t read the label. Consider me help from the outside but part of your team. I’m here to make your business shine so your clients see it as you do.

Do any of these sound like you?

Digital Dreamer

Online ambitions for your business

You have a great business idea and you’re keen to get your products and service out there to a wider audience. I can help get you started the right way.

Business Minded Creative

You want to work smarter

You’ve made your own website and it’s been working well for you . . . so far. However you want your site to do more so you can spend time growing your business. I can help you connect the dots and make sure you’re giving your customers the best experience across all your digital assets.

Bricks & Mortar Sensation

An established offline hero

Hey there restaurateurs, boutique owners, artists and makers. If you want an online presence and to attract more customers there is no time the the present. Digital is your friend and you can learn how to manage your own website and social media.

If that’s a yes…

Sounds like we’d work well together!

I have over a decade’s experience of working with small businesses and I run my own. So talk to me about the strategy side of your business… processes, email providers, social media, hosting, email marketing and CRMs. We’ll have you looking good with a solid foundation in no time.

Artist brandishing a painting brush