8 tips to prepare and manage your website through COVID-19

Most businesses are experiencing disruptions resulting from the global outbreak of COVID-19. Here’s some helpful tips that you can implement on your current website and from home.

Communicate with your customers

1. Move sales online

Selling online has never been easier, and now is the perfect time to start an online shop to give you an extra revenue stream. Depending on your country, postal services and couriers might still be running, otherwise, lots of companies are offering “doorstep deliveries”. This is when the parcel is placed on the doorstep and the customer collects it from there, so there’s no contact involved. This is also a great way to help the most vulnerable people in your community get the goods they need.

Make sure to review your refund policy. Consider giving customers an option to buy a gift card or voucher in place of money back and explain how these alternatives will help your business. Many people are keen to support small businesses.

2. Offer vouchers or discounts

If your business has closed temporarily you might be able to pre-sale vouchers or offer discounts for when you reopen. If you have ecommerce on your website already this is straightforward to implement.

Instagram have added stickers for restaurants to sell gift cards and food delivery.

If your account is a business account you can add stickers to stories. They’ll direct people to your website where they can buy gift cards or order food delivery.⁣

3. Apply for a Facebook Grant

Facebook is responding to the pandemic by creating a Small Business Grants programme. They are offering $100 million US in cash grants and ad credits to help during this challenging time. Everyone is spending a lot of time online and on social media and it’s an opportune time to direct traffic to your site fro future sales.

Apply here: facebook.com/business/boost/grants

4. Update your Google My Business page

Not specifically your website but it’s often the first port of call for customers, it’s really important to keep this current.

  • If you have a physical address for your business take the time to claim your Google My Business listing now. It’s free of charge and it’s really important to help customers find your business online.
  • If you already have a Google My Business page, log in to your Google account and you’ll see a new option on the homepage called “Coronavirus (COVID-19).” 
  • You’ll see a page where you can make changes to your business information:
    • like updating your business hours
    • Mark as temporally closed
    • Add extra services that you’re offering to customers/clients

You can find more information on Google’s website: support.google.com/business/answer/9773423?hl=en

Leave a Google Business Review for a business you like

While you’re logged into Google My Business leave a great review for a business you love! Every little helps and a five star review is great for SEO.

5. Update your website FAQ or create one

Everyone is in the same boat and it’s important to let your customers know what’s going on. Some businesses with brick and mortar stores are closed but still doing deliveries, online sales or have different hours. Many are still trading as normal. Adding an FAQ is the handiest way to let clients know about your situation and what to expect. If you’re not able to make a FAQ page add some info to your contact us page.

6. Add a banner notification

If you have essential information related to your business, consider adding a temporary banner message to your site. You can use a WordPress plugin and the banner message can be edited as your situation updates. 

7. Business Continuity Plan Page

This can be done in addition to or in lieu of an FAQ. If you’ve implemented a banner you can link to this page to give your clients more information.

8. Not for Profits take donations on your website

NFP are important to our communities and many people are looking for ways to support you during this time. Add a donation button to your website so folk have the opportunity to give if they wish. 

Need specific help?

If you need help on how you can prepare and manage your website and online business through disruptions such as COVID-19 book a free consultation with me and we can talk digital.

8 tips to prepare and manage your website through COVID-19 disruptions